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As more and more high performance home cinemas are installed, customers are demanding front channel speakers with greater fidelity and higher sound pressure levels than ever before. And here is SpeakerCraft's answer. The AIM Cinema Monitors are bigger, better and badder than anything in the category.

The speakers utilise the equivalentof an AIM LCR on a pivoting sub-baffle for the mid-bass, mid-range and high frequencies. Below that are two high performance 150mm bass drivers on a separate stationary sub-baffle to increase output and extend the low frequencies. Available in models ONE, THREE and FIVE, the incredible impact and dynamics necessary for today’s high performance home cinema are available in a package that still mounts entirely in the wall.

- Pivoting 25mm Aluminium Dome Tweeter
- Two 131mm Aluminium Cone Bass Drivers with Phase Plugs
- Two 150mm Kevlar Impregnated Paper Cone Bass Drivers
- Front-Mounted Treble, Mid & Bass Adjustment Switches
- Bi-Amping Feature
- Timbre-Matched to All Three Series Speakers

Profile speakers have no bezel and no visible mounting flange. All that you can see is a grille, which can be painted to match the wall or ceiling.

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