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Wyrestorm Express HDBaseT 4K 50m kit

50 50m 2 veis IR Extender kit

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The WyreStorm Express™ EXP-EX-HDBT-50 extender features Class B HDBaseT technology for an even more affordable HDBaseT extender solution over shorter distances up to 25m/82ft for 4K or 50m/164ft for 1080p transmissions. 

Designed for smaller projects that may not require the feature set of full Class A HDBaseT yet still benefit from the signal stability and functions offered by this powerful technology, the EXP-EX-HDBT-50 extender comprises of a transmitter and receiver to distribute full, uncompressed video up to 4096x2160@30Hz 24bit with chroma subsampling 4:2:0 for compatibility with 4K braodcast standards, HD multichannel audio with bidirectional IR control using a single shielded or unshielded Cat5e/6 cable. 

The EXP-EX-HDBT-50 transmitter includes EDID management to manually handle device communication via DIP switch setting, with receivers containing cable distance setting mode to encourage successful transmission if the distance of the cable run is an issue. 

Both transmitters and receivers feature protection against ESD (electrostatic discharge) to further stabilize transmission with LED indication on the unit housing providing clear confirmation of power and signal link status.   

The WyreStorm Express™ EXP-EX-HDBT-50 is also fully cascadable with distribution increased by connecting multiple extenders for greater flexibility, whatever the application. 

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